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In Remembrance
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Over the two millennia since Jesus of Nazareth lived on this earth, Christians have celebrated a meal with bread and wine or juice. This tradition is based on accounts in each of the first four books of the New Testament (Matthew, Mark, Luke and John) and in First Corinthians. At the very least, this meal reminds Christians of the body and blood of Jesus. But there is much more to contemplate about this simple practice. These meditations were originally given in a community setting by my father, Dr. Douglas D. Feaver. His training as a Classics professor is seen in the careful analyses of Greek and Hebrew word meanings and cultural contexts. His passion for hymns is reflected in the hymn texts which are paired with each meditation. Most of all, his love for the Jesus of Communion shines through each page. May that same love inspire each one who reads and ponders the meditations in This Do In Remembrance of Me.

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